Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blue and white polka dot dress

I was sitting under an apple tree watching the other girls walk around in their gorgeous floral dresses. My white and blue polka dot dress was different, not the norm, I felt a lil awkward but the place was so pretty I was happy anyways. The sun was crisp and the day was breezy and smell of roses. The band was playing and the people danced and enjoyed the party.

Then he came and said hi. I smiled, he smiled back. He asked me if I wanted to dance the next song. I stared at him confused. How can a guy so gorgeous was asking me to dance? I thought to myself.  "Dance? Me?" I asked him. "Yes, why not?" he told me. "Well, there are plenty of gorgeous girls parading around waiting for someone to ask them to dance, why choose me? Im not even wearing a floral dress!" He gave me a potent look and said "Any girl with a blue and white polka dot dress will get my attention, and if that girl have your smile I would stare for hours, but if that girl with that dress and that smile, also have your face, I would definitely ask her to dance with me". I was speechless. The next song started, and we danced till the sun set off.

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